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live enough for all you bastards

Time for a reinvention, maybe? I think so.

or we're on to something

Best things about this past week:

→ Seeing Li. It actually went very well. I was pleasantly surprised by how well she seemed to be doing and my parents were on their best behavior, thank God. We were going to go to museums and the park, but it rained and the museum was closed, so we wound up just shopping for most of the time. Not that I'm complaining. Also, Barnes & Noble gift certificates, get!

→ Comic book club. Yes, this one-horse town actually has a comic book/ gaming store, and since discovering it I've joined its Comic Book Discussion Club. We meet once a week. All of the members are older than me, and in college, but we have fun. I'm still in the process of wriggling out of my shell, though. Maybe this next meeting...

→ Thai food. We have a Thai restaurant, too! I eat there whenever Mom and Dad go out galavanting with their friends [and personally, I think the fact that I actually go out to eat voluntarily rather than staying at home is evidence of much personal growth, thank you and good night]. Anyway, it's gotten to a point at which the owner, a Thai national named An, knows me, and so whenever I go there alone she gives me free vanilla ice cream with blueberries, pecans, and chocolate sauce on top! I love An~ I love Thai food [Massaman curry, yum yum]~

→ This conversation, had while watching BBC Granada's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes TV series:

Me [thinking]: Aww, lookit Watson being all concerned and wife-ly...Holmes is such an ass...god, just kiss already, won't you?
Mom: "Are they gay, do you think?"
Me: O_O
Me: "...uh...well...uh, that is, totally, yeah."
Mom: "Really?"
Me: "Well, I mean...just look at them. They're so married it's not even funny."
Mom: "Huh. Guess so."


Worst things about this past week:

→ The scary black girl in my culinary arts class. The less said on this conflict the better.

→ My Japanese class. I've been slacking so bad, oh my god. I still don't know all the hiragana I'm supposed to and my grade's dropped from a 99 to a 96 [which isn't in itself a huge deal, but my GPA needs all the help it can get]. Plus, I actually want to learn, not just pass the class, but I'm not and that bugs me. So I'm gonna have to step it up if I want to get all I want out of it.

All in all, more good things than bad, and nothing I can't fix.


the devil tips his hat to me

For my eighteenth birthday, my family and I will be going to visit Li.

I'm nervous. I have no idea what to expect. Wish me luck. Or a speedy recovery, whichever. Considering how most of my birthdays tend to be notorious stomping grounds for blowouts, I'm only so optimistic.

I hope she likes her present.


only you

It seems I only update this thing whenever I'm feeling random, hyper, or depressed. None of which I feel represents the best of my personality. Sooo, to change it up a bit: How are you all doing? I haven't spoken to any of you in a good while.

Also: brb playing Shadow of the Colossus nao. ^_^ I finally bought it, Kiki!

deflagrate muri tempi et intervalia



Do any of you remember it? IT IS THE SHIT.


this is so not life at all



Who the HELL has that kind of money for college? Come to think of it, even thirty thousand is pushing it. Bad. I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY AND NEITHER ARE MY PARENTS, PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL ARTS UNIVERSITIES. Seriously, what does a girl have to do to find a reasonably-priced university with a halfway-awesome English/ Writing program in this stupid state?

*kicks Georgia and its idiotic standards for education* And I ask, for the thousandth time in my life, why I couldn't have been born near or in New York or California or somewhere people beyond the usual bourgeois anti-establishment minority actually give a shit about the arts.

I'd really like to be rich right about now.


but call me by any name

Why is it that men are considered people first and foremost, but women are only ever considered women?


my precious

Guess what?

I'm posting from my first laptop ever! It's an Asus, and it's all mine mine mine mine~! O joy! O rapture! No more having to delete the history every time I go online! No more silent wars over wallpapers! I have a computer of my own!

I take back every bad thing I've ever said about my father. Truly he is a wise and caring man, oh yes, and nevermind the fact that I'll probably have to be his slave till college--this totally makes up for the misery of school being back in session.